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Clear Up Acne with AFT Treatments at Jabulani Kosmetic Laser Spa

Acne, while widespread and non-threatening, nevertheless carries a high price for those afflicted with it. It can cause both physical and emotional scarring in the long term. Many treatments prove ineffective for individuals suffering from acne. But with AFT (advanced fluorescent technology) pulsed light, you can safely and non-invasively treat your mild or moderate acne and see significant improvement within as little as one month. Healthy adults and teenagers can undergo AFT pulsed light acne treatment. If you suffer from a specific illness or take medication on a regular basis, please notify your clinician.

History, Lifestyle & Diet

When you come in to discuss your acne treatment, we will discuss the history of your issues, your diet, and your general lifestyle as well as your AFT treatment. These consultations are free, and often, recommendations on improving acne without treatment can be effective at reducing acne.

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